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Snowflake Bobwhite

Rare and Highly Coveted

Snowflake Bobwhite are a strikingly beautiful, more rare color variation of Mexican Speckled Bobwhite. Whereas Mexican Speckled Bobwhite have gold tones with dark markings, Snowflake Bobwhite are bright white with inky black markings.


Snowflake Bobwhite originated in 2004 in our hometown of Leeds, AL thanks to one lucky Bobwhite breeder who recognized that he had something special. He named one of the chicks "Snowflake," and the name stuck. We are thankful he quickly realized what special coloration of chicks he had as they are absolutely stunning!

While Snowflake Bobwhite can certainly be used for sporting purposes, and are often kept for their eggs and meat, they are also highly desired by collectors due to their extraordinary beauty. The choice is yours alone!

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