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Alabama Quail Jumbo Coturnix hatching eggs

Our Jumbo Brown Coturnix hatching eggs are a great dual-purpose option for those looking to have an excellent source of eggs and meat, with each hen laying an estimated 300 eggs per year. Due to their larger size and rapid growth, they are perfect for small farms and homesteads. Coturnix have a calm and docile demeanor, quieter than some other quail breeds, making them an ideal choice for anyone new to raising quail, families with children, those looking for lower maintenance quail, or backyards and even neighborhoods.

Jumbo Brown Coturnix Hatching Eggs

PriceFrom $25.00
  • Jumbo Brown Coturnix are ideal for those that would like to raise them for meat and eggs as they are nearly twice the size of a standard Coturnix, weighing in from 10-14oz and laying anywhere from 12g up to 24g XL eggs. They also tend to be the most calm of all quail and are an easy bird for beginners or families with children wanting to raise them as pets, 4H, etc. 

    Alabama Quail is a long-standing, NPIP certified and A.I. clean, family-owned quail farm that has been providing high-quality quail, meat and eggs since 1898. Our farm is located in the heart of Alabama, and we are dedicated to raising happy, healthy, and non-GMO fed quail that allow us to provide delicious, nutritious, and sustainable products to our customers. Our eggs are gathered daily by hand, and only the freshest eggs are provided to our customers.

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